8 Nov

–AWARENESS is the first defence. 

I read an article in The Hindu recently and felt that I must write about breast cancer.

It has been a fearsome dagger hanging on many women in the recent past.

Women who are have had premature menopause, obesity,and a familly history are more likely to develop breast cancer .For many  people the word that scares  is ‘surgery’.ther are other options(-depending on the stage though).

The author has dealt very well with financial implications. She has also warned readers about the possibilities of patients being shortchanged.

One can read about it in detail here..


2 Responses to “BREAST CANCER”

  1. praneshachar November 10, 2007 at 3:42 am #

    Yes I have gone thro this very useful article
    btb you must read the article on cancer written by mother( Brinda n rao) of one of our MB members shruthi in sudha dt. 11th oct. and the article gives live stories of cancer winners yes authors herself was one and also information on institution run by Dr brinda.
    please read if you get it and also issue dt. oct.27 where there are feedbacks on this and some one has written how a breast cancer patient was misled and suffering she has to undergo.
    hope you will get them otherwise read them on line
    details here under
    with best wishes

    Hi all, if you get Sudha, please read the cover page article of this week (Oct 11th) – my mother’s article.

    http://nychthemeron .blogspot. com/2007/ 10/cancer- survivors. html

    Feedback welcome!


    moral strength by psycho advise.

  2. neela November 11, 2007 at 7:53 am #

    @ praneshacharji :thanks sir.
    Will read online.

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