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Shiva Linga in the Pandyan cave.

30 Mar


This is said to be of seventh century AD.


Harvalem Waterfalls

30 Mar


Harvalem… Pandyan caves of laterite stones

28 Mar

 From Sanquelim we went a few kilometres north to Harvalem.

It is a protected site . It has five laterite caves housing Shiva Lingas in each. Each linga differs in shape. Some have Bramhi inscriptions too.One looks like  an arrowhead, another has a halo around it.There is yet another cave which is said to be a kitchen..The ASI has  posted a personnel there who guides and guards the place.He was helpful.

We then went to Harvalem / Arvalem’s Rudreshwar temple. It is situated near a roaring waterfalls . The water collects into Bheem Kund. This is a cool,green pool used for performing last rites.The whole place is very peaceful. we had our lunch there. I had carried food from home .When we were about to leave a foreign tourist arrived . He was smoking. When I gestured for him to go elsewhere, he argued that it was an open space. I protested that it was a place of worship. It fell on deaf ears…We just chose to leave the place.

 Sadly this is the picture of Goa now.

Haree haree valvanti

25 Mar


Har Har Harvalem..

24 Mar

 This weekend was a surprise planned for V. He had  worked hard for his exams and needed a change.. The exams got over  on 19/3 and results are to be announced on 28/3. At KVs the new session begins after a 6-7 day break. The next academic session begins on 1/ 04. So V  got a break ( and me too  from corrections and timetable making and report cards…!!)

We started after a light breakfast and heavy lunch basket.  Goa is known for not having too many good veg. restaurants. And we were travelling to the interior !In fact I took along coffee too.

We decided to go to a few places in North Goa. There are some famous temples and  other places of interest there. In Sanquelim, the mining town are three temples of repute. The  RadhaKrishna temple, The Dattaprasad Temple and the Vittal temple.. Anjunem Dam built on the River Valvanti is close by on the Chorla Ghat road.Also at a short distance is Harvalem laterite rock -cut caves of the 7th century and the Rudreshwar temple and Harvalem water falls.

We were eager to see the Vittal temple first .Here several  utsavs take place through out the year. On Gokulashtami, it is believed that Sant Tukaram visits this Vittal !!On Tripuraari Pournami,   this temple holds boat races.People build model boats and  float them down the River Valvanti. A night long mela is held. Chaitra Pournami is the time of annual jatra. It is said that this temple is 500 years old and that the Ranes were the ones who  built the temple. The River Valvanti meanders down below.The steps going down to the river are neatly paved and made skid proof.The  ghat has many small shrines holding paintings of famous devotees o Vittal like Sant Namdev , Jaana bai , Eknaath…The temple has the idols of Vittal ,Rukmini and Satyabhama. The neatness and beauty are seen to be believed. The wonderful chandeliers  and huge deepasthambas…lovely.

The river as seen here is bordered by trees . It is very  green all around. The water looked welcoming…but some people were washing clothes on the ghat .

To be contd.

Time to let go ??

20 Mar

These last few weeks have been hectic.

An academic  session is coming to an end.

I have been stealing glances at some blogs and commenting too.But somehow couldn’t manage enough time to write.

The day I bid farewell to my Std. II kids was very emotional.

I felt I was sending them away to an unknown place.

Sahil was worried why I held on to him with a tight hug for a long time.Being the most restless and talkative kid in class, he has all my empathy… But I know it will be an uphill task for the new teacher next year.

Abhipsa , being the reticent and shy artist has all the ingredients to bring out the protectiveness in me..

Shruti, the perfectionist makes me want to ruffle her dress and shuffle her books so that she relaxes and learns that there is  more to life …

Akansha, the kid who is expecting a  sibling after ruling the house for seven glorious years gets a special hug. I know she will face a few tough months ahead getting used to sharing space …. 

Mayuresh with his thick glasses had finally learned to write …

So many thoughts and time slipping by..

I know that this hurt is inevitable every year. It is a sweet pain. As a teacher one wants to be gradually dispensable…

A teacher has to develop detachable attachments,else she will wallow in her past pupils and fail to take the new ones in to her fold.

I had read somewhere that parenting is like kite has to let go to succeed in the job..