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Teacher Talk..

7 Sep

Most often when we meet our friends after a few minutes of exchanging groans and grumbles of the work LOAD , we tend to start sharing work related websites-
sites that allow free download of worksheets, tips for accommodating special children, ideas for planning a lesson,sites that generate word mazes  and what not.
Bookmarking them  for my use them is not enough. I want to list a few every week so that it is useful to others too.
We often spend hours searching for something specific and urgently needed – and end up with a whole lot of things we may need in the future.
So a tiny memo with details is ideal to have at a click.
Today I shall post links to rebus stories and picture puzzles. This site has much more. And I have spent  a lot of fun time here solving the picture puzzles- totally forgetting  the work on hand.