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Harvalem… Pandyan caves of laterite stones

28 Mar

 From Sanquelim we went a few kilometres north to Harvalem.

It is a protected site . It has five laterite caves housing Shiva Lingas in each. Each linga differs in shape. Some have Bramhi inscriptions too.One looks like  an arrowhead, another has a halo around it.There is yet another cave which is said to be a kitchen..The ASI has  posted a personnel there who guides and guards the place.He was helpful.

We then went to Harvalem / Arvalem’s Rudreshwar temple. It is situated near a roaring waterfalls . The water collects into Bheem Kund. This is a cool,green pool used for performing last rites.The whole place is very peaceful. we had our lunch there. I had carried food from home .When we were about to leave a foreign tourist arrived . He was smoking. When I gestured for him to go elsewhere, he argued that it was an open space. I protested that it was a place of worship. It fell on deaf ears…We just chose to leave the place.

 Sadly this is the picture of Goa now.