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Why I love my job…

30 Oct

Each month when I plan my lessons , I search for cliparts and animations, sounds and videos to incorporate into my TAL ..i.e technology aided lessons.

On one such hunt I stumbled into

It was the search for an  animation of water cycle that brought me to this beautiful site.The kids of second standard  enjoyed the journey through water vapour to rain and back to the clouds…

I then came across animal sounds, sounds of transport and much more….

I later discovered the songs and rhymes which one can play on real one player. I could even get the words in pdf format.There are  links to so many other sites and the possibilities are immense.

Today I discovered that I could learn to type too

Each time I enter such sites I learn a lot. I try to transfer what I have learnt to my teaching but I am not always successful because of  time constraints…

I am like a kid with a new toy.Thanks to my organisation for making me tech -enabled.I marvel at the variety of resources available and the miserly way in which most of us use  them.We still remain glued to our textbooks and exam-oriented  teaching.


Beware of such dramas..

9 Oct

This happened to a colleague of mine.

He was travelling with his family towards Agra.When he was a few hours away from his destination he decided to dispose of the food they had carried. Most of these long distance travellers carry surplus food just in case their journey takes longer than what is planned.And the food is mostly poories and  pickles, sev and sweets etc.

He found a beggar in the train a suitable candidate for receiving the remaining food.He promptly handed the food. The beggar boy gladly ate a mouthful and …..screamed and…….fainted.all the passengers were shocked.Suddenly a horde of beggars landed into the compartment and created a ruckus. They wanted my friend to come to the police station in the next station and there after   to the nearest hospital.My colleague tried his best to convince everybody that the food hadnt gone bad. They had consumed it a few minutes ago and were still safe and sound . Nobody heard them. The co- passengers were either too scared or shocked.

The beggars’ sangha continued their dharna and gradually started demanding a few thousands for treatment.Many co-passengers advised my colleague to ‘give something and get rid of them ‘.Finally after much bargaining they settled down to a few hundreds.

 In the next station the ‘poisoned’ beggar was carried off the train by his friends.

Just as the whistle blew , my colleague  and the passengers were in for another surprise. They saw the same gang board another train for Act II , scene II….The ‘poisoned ‘ beggar was leading the others.