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Tag-Wag award- waward main kya jaanu re?

11 Nov

Many days ago rkji tagged me by using Inky Pinky method…and here I am

I judge: Myself-constantly and my poor son 😉

Also as a normal human being I judge these for satisfying my thirst to criticize ..

  • People who lie
  •  People who don’t follow traffic rules (if it affects my smooth ride..)
  • People who rob flowers from others’ gardens for pooja (though I don’t have a garden ..)
  • Lethargic people like me
  • People who can’t keep their personal problems away from their professional life,

I admire :

  • People who keep themselves fit by exercising regularly
  • People who age gracefully
  • Singers like Mohd. rafi, SPB, Geeta Dutt,Balamurali Krishna
  • Sportspersons like Steffi Graf, Boris Becker, I Lendl, Agassi,
  • Writers like Shivarama Karanth, Triveni, Irving Wallace,Wodehouse,Jane Austen,R K Narayan,Premchand,PD James, Thomas Hardy…
  • Workoholics who retain a little sense of humour
  • People who can laugh at themselves

 and myself…ok… atleast sometimes  😉

I tag  Vani of http://whitephosphorous.wordpress.com/

    Su of
    srik of
    Have fun.