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14 Apr

800px-rock_dove_-_natures_pics.jpgI am sorry I intended to trouble you,dear co-tenant in our biotic community.

Photo courtesy:WIKI


I am guilty..

14 Apr

We are living in  an area infested with pigeons.So much so that all the exteriors are sporting layers of pigeon excreta.

The birds no longer evoke symbols of peace or love(–kabootar,ja ja,ja is something still on our lips for a totally different reason, though!)

They are noisy and garbage -causing birds. They fight and their feathers are lying all around the building.

This much was  tolerable… but now they want a place in the interiors also. They are very people positive now.They don’t mind entering  and littering the house even in your presence. 

Our kitchen has a low window and it was here that I started finding feathers.  😦

I saw what my neighbours had done. They had tied branches of a Jujube tree to their balcony so that the pigeons don’t mess it up.

I too placed an order. My woman Friday,Kasturi supplied one in no time. I pushed it out of the window.I tied it to the grill so that it hung outside the window.I hoped that this would act as a deterrent.

The boss of the house(my son ) was upset.He kept lamenting that I was going to kill the pigeons.He didn’t bother to look at my bleeding hand which was pricked by the thorns at n  no. of places.I too was upset.

I went for a survey of the building and realised that the bird preferred the bathroom window as a fly -in theatre/rest. It merely sent out ruffled feathers (pun intended) in the direction of the kitchen window when challenged by its rivals.

Now I came home and closed the bathroom ventilator window temporarily.I planned to put up a NO VACANCY  board.

My son saw this.He was angrier. He told me that I had no rights to get the pigeon’s house vacated. No amount of arguing that it was just a resting/entertainment zone convinced him.

I finally convinced him by saying that the ventilators of our other bathrooms were still available for the flying tenants.

I removed the thorny bush,causing more thorn pricks to my hands,and guilty pricks to my heart and soul.    😦

I am tolerant to these noisy,unclean intruders but not when they leave their plumage in my food!

I am guilty of having tied a thorny bush-for a short time and having closed a window(there was no nest there).

Sorry,Columbidae    family.

I am angry

5 Mar

On  animal rights activists- Where are they?

On people  who throw food items out indiscriminately

On  garbage collectors who only collect money effectively NOT garbage.

Why don’t we start a movement–People for ethical treatment of people?

All canines have started looking ferocious to me.

All animals are looking like potential attackers of young kids.