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Faltering steps in blogosphere

29 Jan

Well, today I chose a new theme.

It is  a landmark!

Kids,and their escapades took a lot of time and energy.

Why do kids get swayed by their peers so early in life–they are only 10!!


Blogosphere— here I come

28 Jan

When kids demand/pester for something we say”Even if one talks of a lentil you say ,’I want two!!’   ”

My wish to blog reminds me of this.

The moment I learnt to use the computer I wanted an e mail id

then I wanted a computer,

now i want a  space on the blogiverse!!

the materialistic world has gobbled a simple 40+ person in its fold!!

We are now ruled by a new class of rulers-

28 Jan

house maids/maids/helpers

call them what you want they are ruling me these days.

i can’t do all the work myself.

I am dependent on them.They know it .

Supervising them is what bores me.

my time is no longer mine!!

Hello world!

28 Jan

dWelcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

I am entering into another  new sphere-blogosphere.

I may get addicted to it.

I may not be very regular at blogging.

But blog I must.

To try out something new may be just an adventure.