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Will you be my …

13 Feb

Mayank greeted me this morning with a huge chocolate bar.

When asked the reason for this gustatory gift.he reminded me of the upcoming valentine’s day. I nearly fell ….

I was dizzy with surprise .

I couldn’t believe that commercialisation has  reached the  such levels ..

I consoled myself that he must have just mimicked his mother in wishing me a happy V day.

His mother met me at “going home” time and hugged me..saying,”happy V day!”

I somehow controlled my laughter.

If Mr. Custodian of Culture could hear this ?? I wonder what his plans would be ?

Celebrating  such ‘days’ is no longer a choice..the friendly neighbourhood malls and gift shops give you no choice.

And Mayank is all of 5 years and 4 months old.

I was  stunned..

Should I put my foot down and refuse the chocolate bar..Or simply avoid creating an issue and divide it among the children…

On Teachers’s  Day my standing instructions to ‘my’ children: I accept gifts ONLY in the form of hugs.

I didnt know.. primary section school kids of this century end up celebrating  V’s day.

Next time I will be forewarned. Infact at the end of the day when my fifith standard kids reminded me of V’s day..I just told them I believe more in showing love to family and friends  through out the year and not ‘showing’ it  sporadically according to the diktats of Tv and other media.