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IPL : 2 more teams in the fray ?

22 May

Home is  a place  where one often yearns for peace .

I had heard of families divided on political beliefs, fav football teams, fav movie stars arguing among each other.When the IPL began, I was happy to have a team of my own to cheer :RCB. Afterall namma Bengalooru team alve.

But the happiness didn’t last. The in – house cricket afficianados were more disappointed than Mallya himself.They didn’t choose to party in Turkey . They ‘bought’ themselves a team each for themselves.Now I am a peace loving person. The one who prays for a miracle each time team India is on the brink of a defeat. I was happy Indians were in all IPL teams and i could pray for better miracles like, the decline of inflation rate, the formation of a majority govt. in Karnataka…

God disposed these proposals. The house now resembled  an auction house for a few days. “I will buy so and so….” shouted  C. ” I will buy – and – ..” screamed V.Finally after the ‘shopping’ peace reigned-or so I thought. Now every match being played had “our” personal players and the house took on the dimensions of a pub.No, I haven’t  actually seen one. But Bollywood has obliged many a time !Each day was “fought” as if our lives depended on the outcome of the match.The  late evenings were spent in watching the match, the nights in what should have actually happened (two versions ),the mornings in discussing the newspaper reports, the afternoons in discussing the “breaking news” reg. the controversies and the early evenings in ‘who should win the toss and elect what first, ” , the final playing eleven and what not? It is vacation time and nobody discussed special lunch/dinner , home made snacks, novels , outings…

Cricket too  took a back seat.In spite of frequent reminders that we haven’t spent crores in buying the teams and the real fun is appreciating each audacious stroke, each acrobatic save, each arjunesque run-out.. C and V started  getting immense pleasure in pulling each others’s legs discussing the owners, the bench-sitters,the poor selection, the best  startegy, what-dravid/veeru should have done, how serious is Akhtar’s knee injury, the  team with max. no. of near veterans …

They started devising strategies for defeating each others’teams. it looked as if our house was in Indraprastha during THE war.Finally I lost my cool.

I gave an ultimatum to V : Anymore imaginary team buying/ auctioning/playing , and I am running off to kalpakkam without you.That settled down things for a day.

Then RCB went on and did the unbelievable !Now “we “are back to supporting the HOME team in the sincere hopes that next year our team will ‘mature’ into a fighting one !!It doesn’t mean that we will (Oh,God ! I too have started talking in the egotistic We style like the owners… 😉      )  bring in  mature players who are  deep into retirement like  Prassanna , Binny

This has purchased some peace. For now.