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AMMA– oorige wapus hodLu

28 Mar

The very word wapas makes me feel guilty.I know she feels more at home with her son-still I want her to stay with me longer.


I wonder why..

28 Mar

Most people are vociferous in their appeals to sack some senior batsmen. Atleast they have some good deeds against their names.

I wonder why the AGED quack-quack has been featuring constantly on our team!!

Who is his godfather??

Powering one more team??

28 Mar

The ad world will be thrilled

thanks to Power’s past-time profession-they will have 11 more models.

In the new proposal our over-rated  (b)rats will now have substitutes .(to be used in modelling assignments too)  😉

BeLLary kade ondu gaade ide : mundige maadonige simbLa tegeyuvavanu obbanu anta

evarige kelasa illa-super 8 gu hoglilla eradane team enmadatante?

Goanalli Gowdru

28 Mar

Ellelli chuNavaNe  allalli naaniruvee..

Kelavaru Eleksun tamenaage shaaNe churukaagtaare

Ellirtaaro eno thutanta pratyaksa agtaare nodi somi

The days of pot culture

27 Mar

 We had to study applied sciences .For students of CBZ the only option then was soil sciences and crop practices.

We had two SUPERSTARS as our lecturers..

One was N whose English was a source of continuous entertainment.

Avara nudimuttugaLu were anarghya ratnagaLu.

We used to have his  classes in the somnolent afternoons ..zz ..zzz

His droning voice would make us doze off-as if it were a lullaby.

But tale- harteys like me would be busy writing down his notes seriously -as we would note it down in his  style-phonetically!!

The notes would provide comic relief when we would read them for tests and exams.

The other ratna was Mr.R who would come totally sozzled!!

To a middle -class ,sheltered girl it was scary initially to even look at him.Later we became so used to his inebriation that we would find it amusing to watch his eye-balls oscillating.

His lectures were totally a waste for us because his physical condition (or lack of it!!)was more arresting.;)


19 Mar


The years which defined a profession for an otherwise susegaad girl.

(susegaad in Konkani means  happy -go-lucky,araam maduva,take-it -easy—)

Those years at REC ,(now RIE )Mysore are —

The days of being a front-bencher for all classes,the days of running to the library to read a fresh newspaper  early in the morning(untouched by others)–

undescribable ansutte.

But after 23 years of just savouring I want to chronicle it too.

So watch out dear hapless readers-here it goes.

The weekly supplement on College Days- wah! kya din the..

Tennis or write ups on Tennis??

19 Mar

 I have never held a tennis racquet .Yet I follow tennis grandslams on tv and more so in the print media.

I enjoy reading articles by sports journalists more  than actually playing now.

The way Nirmal Shekhar writes , the language he uses–it is truly delicious!!

There was one in which he had written about Paes playing inspite of cramps.that article was superlative.

I also enjoy reading cricket write ups by Brijnath,Peter Roebuck,and one other sports journalist whose name eludes me now. He used to write in The Hindu-in 80s.his name began with R…

Steve Waugh writing for the feature Gameplan also posted thought-provoking  and incisive comments on the game.I don’t know whether he actually wrote them himself.

Anyway I like to praise him-he was a good fighter-he never gave up.And he is a philanthropist.

Reading the newspaper from the masthead to -printed and published at–

has become  a luxury these days.