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twenty20– plenty plenty.

12 Sep

The inaugural match was truly exciting.

It was great fun from the start.

I sat through the entire WI innings-though it was a working day today.Hats off to C. Gayle.There was never a dull moment.Paisa Vasool!!He richly deserved the Man of the match award. He  made the match memorable. I will remember this effort for the remaining years of my life .He is going to be praised by the laymen ,armchair – critics , aficionados …

But very few will praise the cheerleaders who were gyrating throughout the match.They didn’t have a break at all.I wonder if they used Mirakul oil /painkillers at the end of the match. 



A film with chutzpah

24 Aug

Chak de

 I watched this film   this week and truly enjoyed it. It may be that I enjoyed it because it is about games and I am a sports positive person. It may be because it is “all about loving the game and the country…” (A la K Jo). I can’t say I am crazy about king Khan either.

I do like him. The film is all of the above but it has something else that captured our interest.

An extra zing of believing in the underdog, a spice of rooting for the spirited, a dash of triumph of the under-rated, an essence of “we shall overcome..’-the film has these too. V and I roared with laughter at times and sat at the edge of the chair at times, clapped and cheered at other times. The whole theatre was reverberating with joy and cheering. It was as if one was witnessing a match, it s run-up and its post victory celebrations.

The scene where the Indian girls enter the banquet hall in the pre-final   reception was one I can’t forget. The girls come in dressed in beautiful   , traditional off-white saris compared to the Aussies in black cocktail dresses. The entire theatre applauded (and this happened in a Goan theatre where a person wearing Western clothes is common!) I was getting goose bumps. I was touched by the gesture-both on screen and off screen.

The redemption of Kabir Khan, his return to his ancestral house is shown very well. I enjoyed every minute of the movie. I watched it on the day after the sixtieth Independence Day. So it was extra special I guess.  The game of Hockey will certainly receive a boost if this film is shown to the powers that hold the reigns of the country’s sports bodies .I am sure more kids will view Hockey in a different light after seeing this movie.

I fervently hope we will get more sponsors for this wonderful game. Let us bring back the golden glory of Hockey wins to our country.


20 Apr

No funds for poor ,landless farmers.

No funds for hardworking defence personnel,

No funds for scientific research,

No funds for infrastructure development,

No funds for destitute senior citizens,

No funds for afforestation,

No funds for wildlife conservation,

No funds for augmentation of drinking water supply,

No funds for enhanced power generation,

No funds for elementary schools and their teachers  😉

No funds for maintaining huge stadiums already built,

No funds for allowing growth of poor but talented sportspersons..

All these can wait till we get more funds from World Hundi.

Remember we belong to a poor country with a huge population..

But we need to host extravagant shows and so we have to make allowances for it somehow .Such shows will make our sportspersons work harder  and acheivements will be seen in the next century.Who says so?  Our great forward thinking sports administrators have this divine vision.

As they say in Sanskrit: RUNAM KRTVA GHRTAM PIBET

All ye cricket lovers…

11 Apr

Here are the people whom you have been waiting to meet and ^%*#$

 Who are the  two main  culprits behind
India’s early exit from the WC?

THIS is the  puzzle doing the rounds in our school.)

The answer is  1. The lady who helped  in the formation of Bangladesh.

                      2.The gentleman who burnt  Lanka inefficiently.


I wonder why..

28 Mar

Most people are vociferous in their appeals to sack some senior batsmen. Atleast they have some good deeds against their names.

I wonder why the AGED quack-quack has been featuring constantly on our team!!

Who is his godfather??

Powering one more team??

28 Mar

The ad world will be thrilled

thanks to Power’s past-time profession-they will have 11 more models.

In the new proposal our over-rated  (b)rats will now have substitutes .(to be used in modelling assignments too)  😉

BeLLary kade ondu gaade ide : mundige maadonige simbLa tegeyuvavanu obbanu anta

evarige kelasa illa-super 8 gu hoglilla eradane team enmadatante?

Tennis or write ups on Tennis??

19 Mar

 I have never held a tennis racquet .Yet I follow tennis grandslams on tv and more so in the print media.

I enjoy reading articles by sports journalists more  than actually playing now.

The way Nirmal Shekhar writes , the language he uses–it is truly delicious!!

There was one in which he had written about Paes playing inspite of cramps.that article was superlative.

I also enjoy reading cricket write ups by Brijnath,Peter Roebuck,and one other sports journalist whose name eludes me now. He used to write in The Hindu-in 80s.his name began with R…

Steve Waugh writing for the feature Gameplan also posted thought-provoking  and incisive comments on the game.I don’t know whether he actually wrote them himself.

Anyway I like to praise him-he was a good fighter-he never gave up.And he is a philanthropist.

Reading the newspaper from the masthead to -printed and published at–

has become  a luxury these days.