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Small children ?

29 Jan

Today the fourth standard kids and I  went to a nearby shopping area to use skills of money transactions .I had requested kids to bring Rs. 5 or Rs. 10 if permitted so as to help them in this activity.Those who didnt bring could borrow from me.

I took them around 7-8 shops selling groceries, fancy items, stationery, vegetables, tailoring  and craft -work items, bakery…

Most kids bought grapes, sugar candies, pens, shampoo sachets, detergent sachets….

Most kids were impulsive in their purchases.Some showed  a great sense of premeditation, planning, vision. Aishwarya bought a small packet of cardamoms and two lemons.Aman kept going up and down ..taking his time in searching for something suitable.He finally bought lemons and radishes for his home. Jenisha bought two packets of wafers and decided to go home to share it with her parents and sister.In  a class of 40, while most kids  ate atleast one of their purchases , I was surprised to see such children..their self control and the degree of maturity.

The other surprising thing I observed was that they  cajoled the 10 senior citizens sitting in the park to taste their tiffins.They chatted happily to them, shared jokes and puzzles.They cleaned the park after their snack time without being told to.

They are just 8 year olds!