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19 Feb

Why are human beings often cribbing about something or someone?

Either it is about spouse,work,kids,servants,weather,water(shortage),food,house(maintenance),lack of ‘good’ clothes,…..

We must be spending about 99% of our time doing nothing but cribbing.

Life would be more fruitful if we take some time off from cribbing to appreciate great gifts of God like absence of major diseases,presence of healthy spouse and kids, sufficient food and water  for sustenance,enough clothes to drape a bus full of refugees!!and what-not!!


AGEING- are some of us blind towards it?

17 Feb

Old age—

Is it a curse (on their children who think they are ever – youthful?)

Is it a boon (on those who have spent a lifetime working and are ready for a bout of pampering and understanding?)

Most people in their thirties and forties are unaware that they will also age.

Even the appearance of fifty doesn’t open their eyes to their oncoming old age.

“I will not become senile like my in-laws/my parents. I will remain young and aware and active and understanding and disease-free.”

This is what most people tell themselves often.But, somebody is eavesdropping and— smiling. No one is immune to ageing.

Some necessary—–

17 Feb

Servant maids are topmost in my agenda because both of my part-time beauties are on indefinite casual leave-‘casual’ because they are very casual about taking such leave not in the sense that they can avail only 10 like a poor govt. employee!

They come at will, work if they want and absent themselves  when they can!!

I am unable to do the job myself obviously and unable to manage their attitude towards work and absence .What is beyond my understanding is their idea of invincibility, their air of supreme confidence (that they are indispensable.)

They are necessary in lives of doubly -employed women and know how to torture us.



More about myself–

17 Feb

I am a Banglorean by birth

Malleshwarite by God’s grace and

Indian by accumulated  punya

I live in a neighbouring state as we work here.

I am also a teacher because of  a fortunate accident.

I am a traditional person—I love my country and family.

I love books ,music,teaching and learning new things.

I am slightly addicted to SU-DO-KU and net-surfing .

Parenting pulls and pleasures

17 Feb

I usually think that child rearing is somewhat like raising crops.Almighty has given us a patch of fertile land and asked us to raise some crop.
We look after our ‘crops ‘ to the best of our ability. Ofcourse our interest in’ childiculture’ and our know-how , the fertility of our land our inputs matter most.Another chief factor is timely removal of weeds and application of pesticides.Applying an analogy, it means that one has to frequently remove undesirable growth and also fumigate sprouts and spores of diseases.How far we are successful in all these –He alone can judge.Our crops should atleast grow up to be useful to the society and least harmful to the environment—this is my prayer while irrgating MY piece of land(SORRY Mr.Kahlil Gibran–I got my piece of land very late in my life and so sometimes forget that our children are not actually ours!!)

How to deal with pre-adolescence

3 Feb

Each day,each moment my son’s behaviour or misbehaviour scares me. Am I dealing it in the appropriate manner/am I being too harsh/too soft/too tense—such doubts keep pestering me.

Am I using archaic values and priorities to judge him?

Am I just extending my generation’s notions on him?

Should I just ignore minor transgressions? What are minor and what are major misconducts? Who should judge?

He or I ?

Are all these fears of my growing up as a parent or his growing up into an adult or a combination of the two ?

Is the whole process of upbringing of children just a case of trial and error? Or are there people who know for sure what to actually do ?

Whom to look up to as guides?

Can anybody really guide another/can one be dependent on another for such a crucial aspect of one’s life?

God alone should guide me!!