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A film with chutzpah

24 Aug

Chak de

 I watched this film   this week and truly enjoyed it. It may be that I enjoyed it because it is about games and I am a sports positive person. It may be because it is “all about loving the game and the country…” (A la K Jo). I can’t say I am crazy about king Khan either.

I do like him. The film is all of the above but it has something else that captured our interest.

An extra zing of believing in the underdog, a spice of rooting for the spirited, a dash of triumph of the under-rated, an essence of “we shall overcome..’-the film has these too. V and I roared with laughter at times and sat at the edge of the chair at times, clapped and cheered at other times. The whole theatre was reverberating with joy and cheering. It was as if one was witnessing a match, it s run-up and its post victory celebrations.

The scene where the Indian girls enter the banquet hall in the pre-final   reception was one I can’t forget. The girls come in dressed in beautiful   , traditional off-white saris compared to the Aussies in black cocktail dresses. The entire theatre applauded (and this happened in a Goan theatre where a person wearing Western clothes is common!) I was getting goose bumps. I was touched by the gesture-both on screen and off screen.

The redemption of Kabir Khan, his return to his ancestral house is shown very well. I enjoyed every minute of the movie. I watched it on the day after the sixtieth Independence Day. So it was extra special I guess.  The game of Hockey will certainly receive a boost if this film is shown to the powers that hold the reigns of the country’s sports bodies .I am sure more kids will view Hockey in a different light after seeing this movie.

I fervently hope we will get more sponsors for this wonderful game. Let us bring back the golden glory of Hockey wins to our country.


Colour coding ?

13 Aug

One of my friends,Mrs. S always told me that her dress selection for the day depended on her mood.She also kept in mind the work she had planned out for that day.

It soon  got to be a joke(for me ) as many days she would claim success in her work was due to her choice of colours in the morning.And on other days she would feel that all her plan had gone waste as the choice had gone wrong!

She would associate white with peace..many a time she would end up having a heated argument with her colleagues.(she would later claim that she COULD  kep her ‘calm’ only because of her white outfit!  🙂

She would wear greens and oranges on the days she felt she needed a boost to her self confidence.

And because she religiously believed it it worked ..for her.

Now the scene today in the Town hall of Delhi has made me wonder..

has colour anything to do with our thoughts or actions  ?

The councillors were mostly dressed in white…but their  thoughts and actions were decidedly BLACK.They looked as if they were remnants of the time when ‘man’ didn’t bother with clothes. Or of that time when ‘he’ wasn’t evolved into a man yet.

‘Clothes maketh you ‘ say some.

I doubt.

V paid obeisance to his guru

6 Aug

Guru Poornima is celebrated on Aashada poornima as a day on which people of all walks of life pay obesiance to their religious/ other gurus. This  custom is prevalent in Goa and Maharashtra .

In circles of music and dance it is the day on  which gurus are honoured. The shishyaas perform and dedicate all that they have learnt to  their  gurus.

V  played the tabla and harmonium at his  academy’s gurupoornima celebrations.

He played  a Bada Khayal in raag Bhoop set to vilambit ek taal and on the tabla he played ek taal.

It was a proud moment for C and me.

We enjoyed the concerts of many other budding artists and felt relieved that Indian music is still alive and kicking!!