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The demo lessons

29 May

Each of the twenty one lessons I witnessed was a great learning experience in innovation and sometimes spontainety.It clearly demonstrated novel ways of introducing a topic,maintaining interest level of low acheivers ,taking the bright ones to greater heights and several exciting ways of evaluation and recapitulation.

Each lesson was followed by open debate on its plus and minus points.The director and resource persons sat through each lesson patiently and saw to it that they didn’t turn into a farce. The feedbacks were eye-openers !

This was followed by the tea break.The breaks served the purpose of stretching our ageing muscles and restless tongues too!!

Most days the next attraction was the guest lectures organised with a lot of planning and thought.

There was one on National Curriculum Framework, one on counselling and another one life-skills . These were interesting most of the times,but I made them enjoyable by making them very interactive(even if the speaker hadn’t planned it to be!!) My main reason was to avoid dozing scenes around me.Many people were probably cursing me for spoiling their nap times.

A lecture on Child’s psyche was the most enjoyed one by all participants because of certain reasons.

The first was because of the insistence of the speaker, it became a highly interactive one. He kept provoking us to react. However the best(?) part was he was never happy with our reactions and kept searching for only certain responses for which he was prepared!

He also had a slight superiority complex with which he looked and harangued us. the result was a gradually simmering audience -especially yours truly who had become volatile by then. He had elicited certain info reg our behaviour in a given situation and then coolly condemned one of us. He also chided another and nearly humiliated a senior colleague just to prove his point.(Actually he had a legal point there, but his ways left a bad taste)

He moved on to aggressiveness in kids and asked tauntingly whether any of us had observed such behaviour.He went on to ask us to describe it/demonstrate it. That made me explode creatively!!

I suddenly banged the table loudly and screamed ,”I want to go out! Let me OUT!! JUST NOW”

The audience was stunned for a second and then they burst out laughung. They had already seen me in action for about 8-9 days by then. But the speaker was in a shock.He tried his best to cover up by telling me that as a child I should have thrown some things too. Actually he must have thanked his stars that I hadn’t!

My friends later told me that he was so stunned by my outburst that he jumped back several paces and struggled to keep a straight face for sometime. I was too consumed in my acting to observe this. I wish I had seen that smug face turn to a fear-filled one!!

I thought I was only obliging the speaker in generating a tantrum . I hadn’t realised that he was only expecting a token answer and not a real performance.

I secretly felt I had avenged for all the hurt felt previous to my outburst.


This training was like a…

26 May

a revisit to suvarna yuga-my college life.

I had loads of fun.

My day began at 5.30 with a short walk towards Chamundi betta. By 6.05 I would be rushing back to my institute to attend the yoga session. After the last course of Haasyaasana I would enter my hostel for supervision of the smiling beauties who would come to clean the room and attached bath. Lata, the singing damsel was partially deaf but was a good worker.Radha, with the mop was always in a hurry. Puttamma, used to be more bothered about the dropped safety pins than the work at hand!!Muniyamma, had a detached air about her.

After the pleasure of listening to FM AIR Mysore ,I would wash clothes manually I would get ready to attack the breakfast prepared.

Breakfast was followed by running to the training centre to reserve our choice seats.

It began with a prayer ,news , thought and reading reports of the previous days.

We would then settle down for a demo lesson where we would be required to mimic primary kids as learners.

to be contd. tomorrow(the cyber centre  in this haLLi has only two comps….many are waiting/…..

Back in axn?

19 May

I am limping back to axn. I am  in  Bangalore for a short stay.

The stay in mysore was superlative.

Lots of things to share.


10 May

Finally I found Kannada hale and healthy in Mysore.

I wish I had the fonts to describe my joy.

Each morning and evening I go walking and fill my ears with kasturi Kannada which is extinct from Bengalooru.

Mysoorinavarige ,dhanyavaadagaLu.


3 May

I am attending a workshop on Communicative skills in English. Next   I  will  be  attending  an  In service course for upgrading my skills as a teacher at Mysore from 7-18 May.

I may not be able to blog  😦

I will then be in Bangalore for a week or so.My next halt is at Mom’s place before I come back to headquarters sometime in early June.

So happy blogging .