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17 Dec

The uniform your child wears to school is the index of how much care you take of her.
It should be freshly cleaned, ironed and must fit well.It gives her immense pleasure to be seen is the best dressed child of the class. It gives her self esteem a boost. It makes her aware that being smartly turned out is a quick key to acceptability in her friend circle.
Further, do remember that she wears it for atleast 7-8 hours. She must feel comfortable in it. All the fastenings should be in top condition. It has to be cleaned everyday.A stale one will be an invitation to skin diseases and more.Microbes love sweat and grime.Wash the uniform everyday. Use a good quality detergent . Using too many chemicals to remove stains can sometimes make the fabric rough.Uniform is a part of the school’s smartness quotient.It makes or mars the school’s reputation too.
Send your child smartly dressed to school. This way you are sowing the seeds of a smartly dressed , healthy adult.