26 Sep

Gauri – my   maanasa putri.

Gauri – the very word conjures  up colourful images   of a lovable brat in my mind.The talented, good looking, highly intelligent, friendly, open-minded typical teenage daughter of my friend S is all this and much more.As a young kid she was my student for four years and  now she is   a friend for life. As a baby she was an artist’s perfect model for Sri Krishna- – dark curly hair, lovely large eyes, bud-like mouth  and PRANKSTER written all over her face. Full of mischief –she grew up to be the neighbourhood Princess Naughtiness. She has always been game to meeting new people and makes friends easily. She started school and we never heard of any starting trouble . Her area of influence had just got   enlarged and she was happier there. The arrival of a sibling kept her in good spirits as she now had a handy comrade !She joined our school after two years of study in a kindergarten. By now she had two   thick   , long plaits and her features now resembled that of an image of Goddess Lakshmi. Her talent in singing and drawing surfaced and she won many contests in and out of the school. Her drawings had her special brand written all over it…as if they were watermarked –Gauri…  I remember she once made a market scene and embellished it with images of a torn market bag with veggies falling out, an adamant kid throwing a tantrum; filth of old  vegetables….She was just 7 or 8 then.She sang Marathi abhangs and patriotic songs well and had a wonderful handwriting. She now sings pop ! She started  taking Indian dance and music lessons. She took part in many co-curricular competitions. She was always a   part of the school choir and dance team .

When asked in tests to make sentences  she made humourous ones.I would wait to read her creative paragraphs and letters.She writes with a dash of humour and sees all situations with a tangential view. I mean her way of looking at things is slightly off beat–but in rhythm ! If the majority of her classmates viewed a particular teacher as a bore or as   ineffectual, she would come up with legitimate ,positive things of those very same personalities and she would always highlight their virtues. Even in the midst of a mob she never lost her identity. This doesn’t mean she stood out like asore thumb and became boring.On-the contrary she was popular with her peers but remained true to what she believed in.She made her own rules-be it in studies or in dress and behaviour.(Though this gave my friend sleepless nights and restless days…)She did  well in her + 2 exams and in AIEEE and has joined an institute of repute.

. She can endear herself to anyone from a kid to a senior citizen. She is a great friend of V-though elder to him by five years .They are so alike that strangers often ask if they are siblings .It is more  a resemblance of spirit than physical similarities.

May God bless her and keep her happy.


2 Responses to “Gauri..”

  1. destinationsrik September 27, 2007 at 6:15 am #

    All these must have been possible for her only because of her teacher called Bluewheel.

  2. neela September 27, 2007 at 12:06 pm #

    Not at all…
    i am ‘not guilty’ !!
    She is naturally gifted.

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