Traffic 0k. But rules? What are they?

7 Apr

My son and I travel five kilometres on a two wheeler to school.

We pass  four schools on the way.

At the entrance of each school there is nothing short of a chaos.

Some scenes are funny–

A parent is seen combing the child’s hair/forcing a banana down a reluctant gullet/forcing the child to blow her nose/pushing a packet of biscuits into the already full bag/threatening–if you don’t write…/hugging tight as though the child is proceeding to the border/wiping baby-crocodile tears of a mini protest nagraaz/—–

But a scene which makes me burst into verbal fumes and fireworks is the attitude of   certain formula 1 parents who can see their child’s school gate and nothing else.

The very sight of the gate makes them blind to oncoming traffic/pedestrians and even their child’s classmates.

They just vroom into the gate as if their kids are to be deposited

right onto their benches.
Maybe they have some insurance and assurance that they will be safe from harm,but what about other mortals on the road??
And another question comes to my mind–Aren’t they teaching F1 ways to their kids as well??


5 Responses to “Traffic 0k. But rules? What are they?”

  1. greatunknown April 7, 2007 at 9:34 am #

    Hi neel3… you’ve captured the morning chaos outside schools very well!

    But have you considered that the parents might need to rush off to their respective offices after ‘dumping’ their kids at school?

    I had the luxury of being brought up by my grandmother. She’d drop me and my cousin off at our schools. Yes, my school was quite a distance away from that of my cousin, who was older to me. Those were laid-back days when everything was done at a leisurely pace.

    Given the fast-paced lives of parents, and kids, these days, there’s no room for niceties! Isn’t that a tragedy?

    PS: Regards to your son.

  2. greatunknown April 7, 2007 at 9:40 am #

    Ah! I forgot to add that I was a victim of a reckless rider when I was studying in the sixth standard.

    One afternoon, as I was crossing the road to get home for lunch, a speeding motorist knocked me down in a flash. The impact was so horrid that when I turned around to see the vehicle I caught sight of the rider flying 4-5 feet in the air!

    I escaped with a broken tooth and minor bruises. It could have been worse had I hit my head. Despite being the mistake of the rider, who was over-speeding in a school zone at lunchtime, I was told that he was on the lookout for me. Why? To give ME a sound thrashing for coming in his way!!!

  3. neel3 April 7, 2007 at 4:27 pm #

    What happened to the rule that if you want to reach early-start early?
    The parents have to watch as many serials as possible before sleep overcomes them.
    junior has to finish his quota of computer games and daily diet of worthless cartoons-the result is :late to bed and late to rise.
    A quick wash(water availability permitting!)and then dash towards the school.God’s grace must be really strong if they don’t dash against us .
    To be on the safe side, my son starts Vishnusahasranama as soon as we leave the house.
    The problem is when a nut-case zooms suddenly on a crazy U turn,I add a few namaas ‘praising’ the local alonso and hurt the feelings of Bheeshma!! 😉

  4. greatunknown April 7, 2007 at 5:22 pm #


  5. neel3 April 8, 2007 at 9:35 am #

    By the way,greatunknown,please don’t write -regards to your son. He needs your blessings only.

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