Shigmo in Goa

10 Mar

Goa is celebrating Shigmo this week.

It is the spring time  audio-visual treat by the Hindus (as if competing with the much-hyped carnival.)

It begins with a gulal procession.

Gulal (pink coloured powder )is carried around and applied on those wishing to take part in it.

It is not a free -for-all masti -type procession -though there is a lot of josh.

Special competitions are conducted throughout the week.

These include musical dramas,bhavgeets etc.

The most awaited part is the evening of floats or chitraraths as they are called here.

Hindu  mythology is majestically highlighted and taken around as huge tableaux.

The shouts of “OSSAI OSSAI” fill the air as Romtamell artists(folk dancers)fill the air.Dancing to the beats of folk percussion instruments they inspire evev a ninety year old to kep step with them. They hold tall flags and dance with great rhythm and coordination.

The typical folk dances of Goa like samel,fugdi are also displayed as part of the procession.

The parade ends with fireworks .


Details of the celebrations are available here.


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