Parenting pulls and pleasures

17 Feb

I usually think that child rearing is somewhat like raising crops.Almighty has given us a patch of fertile land and asked us to raise some crop.
We look after our ‘crops ‘ to the best of our ability. Ofcourse our interest in’ childiculture’ and our know-how , the fertility of our land our inputs matter most.Another chief factor is timely removal of weeds and application of pesticides.Applying an analogy, it means that one has to frequently remove undesirable growth and also fumigate sprouts and spores of diseases.How far we are successful in all these –He alone can judge.Our crops should atleast grow up to be useful to the society and least harmful to the environment—this is my prayer while irrgating MY piece of land(SORRY Mr.Kahlil Gibran–I got my piece of land very late in my life and so sometimes forget that our children are not actually ours!!)


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