AGEING- are some of us blind towards it?

17 Feb

Old age—

Is it a curse (on their children who think they are ever – youthful?)

Is it a boon (on those who have spent a lifetime working and are ready for a bout of pampering and understanding?)

Most people in their thirties and forties are unaware that they will also age.

Even the appearance of fifty doesn’t open their eyes to their oncoming old age.

“I will not become senile like my in-laws/my parents. I will remain young and aware and active and understanding and disease-free.”

This is what most people tell themselves often.But, somebody is eavesdropping and— smiling. No one is immune to ageing.


One Response to “AGEING- are some of us blind towards it?”

  1. Veena February 28, 2007 at 1:00 pm #

    Some Age so gracefully & I just admire them..!

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